Corona virus vaccine: a ray of hope for million Indians

Corona virus vaccine a ray of hope for million Indians

Corona virus vaccine likely to get transported today as reported by the news agency ANI. The national capital Delhi along with Karnal would be the hub for transportation for vaccines across Northern India while the nodal point for North Eastern States will be Kolkata.

Central government also allowed aircrafts for transferring the vaccines to the main hub that is Pune. Southern cities will receive vaccination from Chennai and Hyderabad.41 cities will be responsible for providing all vaccines across the India.

Corona virus vaccine

 Corona virus vaccine dry run will be conducted by several state governments on 8th January. During a union meeting Dr. Harsh Vardhan further stated that Covishield and Covaxin  Corona virus vaccines will be available shortly and that every effort would be made by the authorities to provide seamless last mile delivery.

Priorities have been set by the committee formed by prime minister Narendra Modi. 

Corona virus vaccine second dry run on January 8

Healthworkers checking for further vaccination

 Medical healthcare worker are being trained on the process that will be soon followed for actual vaccination. Everything from management of beneficiaries, biomedical waste managers to verification of vaccination takers are being looked thoroughly by the staff.

Dry run would take place all over the country except Uttar Pradesh and Haryana. They are left out as they have conducted their mock drills today itself. 

What is Co-WIN Portal ?

Co- win APP for Corona virus vaccineShort form for Covid Vaccine intelligence network, it is represented by the E-vin platform. As quoted by the authorities this application would be of great help to manager for providing automated results, monitoring of proper allocation of the beneficiaries along with creating their vaccination certificate just in time.

How this application would help in vaccination?

This application will provide all the details of about the upcoming vaccines that would be available in that region. An individual can check their availability, accessibility, their storage temperature along with the stock that is left. The application has now more than 78 Lakh registered beneficiaries.

The best feature of this application is easy usage and verification. Anyone can easily verify themselves using their Aadhar card. Apart from this feature the app will be available in more than 12 languages to send SMS from the health workers to the vaccinated individual. Automated verification and certification will be provided by scanning the QR codes.

Who will get vaccinated first?

Vaccination National health experts group has suggested that Indian frontline health workers including nurses, doctors, medical officers, paramedics along with other staff of hospital and clinics need to vaccinated first.

Secondly would be armed forces, police department, municipal corporation, and all other personnel involved in the  coronavirus vaccines drive.

Last priority group would be elderly between 50 and above. After, the priority groups are over staggered vaccine would be given to other beneficiaries.

In the gleam hope of the better future,government authorities are taking immense measures to provide vaccines all over with no fraudulent activities.Healthcare workers and paramedics are conducting mock drills and dry run more frequently to avoid all last minute hassle.

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