Read About the Movie Rambo: Last Blood & Who all are included in the cast of this movie?

Rambo: Last Blood is an American action film of the year 2019. Adrian Grunberg directed this action movie. This movie’s production was done by Avi Lerner, Kevin King Templeton, Yariv Lerner, and Les Weldon. This film is based on John Rambo by David Morrell. The production companies involved in this movie include Millenium Media, Balboa Productions, and Templeton Media. This movie was first released in the United States in September 2019 in the year 2019. This film’s running time is determined 89 minutes in the UK, US, and Canada, whereas it is distinguished as 101 minutes Internationally.

Who all are included in the cast of this movie?

Following are the central characters of the film:

  1. Sylvester Stallone played the role of John J. Rambo.
  2. Sheila Shah as Alejandra
  3. Mirka Prieto appeared as Lola/ Laura
  4. Paz Vega appeared as Carmen Delgado
  5. Sergio Peris-Mencheta as Hugo Martinez
  6. Manuel Uriza as Doctor Sergio
  7. Rick Zingale was shown as Don Miguel
  8. Marco de la O as Manuel
  9. Adriana Barraza as Maria Beltran
  10. Yvette Monreal appeared as Gabriela Beltran
  11. Fenessa Pineda was shown as Gizelle
  12. Oscar Jaenada displayed the role of Victor Martinez
  13. Pascacio Lopez as El Flaco
  14. Joaquin Cosia as Don Manuel
  15. Genie Kim aka Yenah Han appeared as Bar Patron

Also, Louis Mandylor and Aaron Cohen have appeared as Sheriff and State Police in the opening scene.

How was the Audience’s response to the movie?

Rambo: Last Blood grossed $44.8 Million in the United States as well as Canada. It grossed $46.7 Million in other territories. On Rotten Tomatoes, the movie has 26%, which is based on 171 reviews. The average rating for the movie is 4.00/10. Kenneth Turan gave the film 3 points out of 4. The movie also received unfavorable reactions. David Morrell, who created the character of Rambotweeted on his account that he disliked Last Blood, and he also called it a mess.

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