Following gun violence, Miami Beach declares curfew

In response to recent gun violence and large spring break crowds that have outstripped public services’ ability to respond, the city of Miami Beach issued a curfew from Thursday through Monday. Officials stated they made the decision in response to the situation.

Five people were injured in two separate gunshots over the weekend, when larger-than-usual crowds descended to the island, which is located just across the bridge from the city of Miami, to celebrate the Fourth of July.

Alina Hudak, the city manager, announced that she would declare a public emergency, which would result in a curfew from midnight to 6 a.m. for five consecutive nights. Officials have stated that anyone found on the street after midnight will be asked to return home.

“Our city has reached its logical conclusion. This is simply intolerable, both in terms of what we’re seeing and in terms of how we’re feeling and seeing “Dan Gelber, the mayor of Miami Beach, stated at a press conference.

As of Sunday, 371 officers had been assigned to the task and 37 firearms had been seized in the previous three days, according to Police Chief Richard Clements.

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