Chain Of Infections In A Large Family Due To COVID-19V

On vacation in the town he relaxed like a good part of the population in Spain At 18 years old and wanting to squeeze out life Paz was rushing through the last days of summer before returning to Valencia

She was confident calm with lots of open air the river the pool the pandemic was there but she hadnt seen it or suffered from it up close She shared glasses cutlery drinks confidences with her friends and cousins

In late August he began to notice that he was losing some of his taste and smell but he wasnt feeling particularly bad either He went on with his normal life for a bit until he began to ask and really care about a problem that he had not given much importance to

Today he regrets and that is why he wants to share his experience with the coronavirus First she was infected along with two friends from the town and then his four brothers his father and his paternal grandparents tested positive Do not lower your guard even if life invites you to do so

The truth is that I was not very well informed Now I realize how unconscious I was Bad for me I asked my best friends on my Instagram if they had lost their smell and taste and they immediately replied that they were symptoms of covid19

A friend explained to me that the same thing had happened to her father and he had had the disease it became very serious in the first wave of the pandemic says the young woman a university student of Social Education and Primary Teaching

Already settled in Valencia and without leaving home he repeatedly called his health center although it took a few days until they finally picked up the phone

I went to the health center and they did a PCR and I actually tested positive and soon Raquel from the Ministry of Health called me to ask me for all the data and contacts of all the people I had been with since least two days before you have symptoms If I dont lose my sense of smell and taste I dont get tested and we are still infecting out there he says

Raquel is the tracker who quickly contacted the environmentof peace He was very efficient and then he called me almost every day and also asked about my mother the only one who did not get infected says Paz

His father continues the story also by phone of the chain of family infections and how they proceeded They called us and told us to go in the morning to do the PCR and that we all had to be homebound until the results were obtained It was relatively quick and we all came out positive except my wife We think that maybe he already had antibodies because he had previously passed it in an asymptomatic way

They did several tests and they all came back negative says the woman at her home surrounded by her husband and five children aged between 10 and 23 before the photo shoot

The whole family is now perfectly fine leading a normal life going to school university and work Most have passed the virus asymptomatically or with some mild symptoms such as loss of appetite as well as smell and taste for Paz

The most worrying thing has been the contagion from paternal grandparents after a visit when they still did not know anything

My mother recovered perfectly my father already had other pathologies and was admitted He has already left and as far as possible he is more recovered says the father Pazs vitalist tone is only altered when he talks about his grandfather He has recovered thank God I was much more scared by my grandparents than by all of us of course

The cousins however with whom they shared so much in the summer tested negative as did the maternal branch of the family The mother had to take action within her own home We had to set shifts work and school hours at home

We are quite organized and we get along quite well We also took the opportunity to watch television series such as La casa de papel or the documentary The last dance about Michael Jordan and to do gymnastics says the father

Among my family there have been no reproaches for the contagion says Paz My uncles understood it very well it can happen to anyone we dont know where the origin was in the town my friends from there also took it

A friend of my brother aged 16 said that he preferred not to give his information because he did not want to stay home waiting for the result Luckily at least we didnt spread the virus outside the family He adds

Paz has not hidden that the coronavirus has passed but there are many reluctant and fearful people or neighbors who can stigmatize the family despite the immunity now acquired and the fact that they cannot transmit the virus for weeks For all this his father and his two older sisters are more reserved

The whole family wants to acknowledge the work of the trackers and the medical treatment received They have called us regularly every two or three days the outpatient doctor was a very attentive person They asked us pointed questions and the trackers were dumping all the data into the system while we were telling them We have been fortunate not to have any serious problems and not to have required emergencies he says

However there were delays in the care at the center for the grandfather that could worsen his health he adds Then in the emergency room of a hospital in Valencia the father noticed a lack of personnel and an excessively rigid information protocol which caused that from eight thirty in the morning until nine at night no one informed him of his fathers condition

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