Married Opens To Support The State Of Alarm If It Lasts Only Eight Weeks And A Legal Plan B Is Approved

Citizens see excessive six months and demand that Pedro Sánchez appear periodically in Congress

A yes with conditions The PP opens to support the decree of state of alarm approved on Sunday by the Council of Ministers but raises two demands the first that it be extended for a maximum of eight weeks compared to six months until May 9 who wants the government to be extended

And the second that the Executive carries out a legal plan b to the state of alarm that is a legal modification to be able to approve mobility restrictions without activating this constitutional instrument which the popular think is ready this December

We make a generous offer has expressed the leader of the PP Pablo Casado who has modulated the tone with the Government and is now willing to reach an agreement although from his proposals

The state of alarm is the first litmus test of Casados turn after breaking with Vox The leader of the PP has opted for a position that in principle links with the new strategic line after the divorce with the extreme right

The PP leaves the frontal opposition and is willing to reach agreements with the Government although it maintains criticism of its management

Casado has censured various aspects of the decree approved this Sunday by the Council of Ministers before opening to support it if the Government meets his demands

The leader of the PP questions that the delegated authority of the state of alarm falls on the autonomous communities and not on the central government which he considers that it is not governance but to hide in the autonomies

In addition he emphasizes that there are aspects that could go against the Constitution itself in the normative text such as the provision that there will be no jurisdictional control of the measures

In his opinion too the state of alarm must be subject to parliamentary control which cannot be replaced by the appearance of a minister

The text approved by the Government establishes that the Minister of Health is accountable every fifteen days in the Health Commission of Congress but for the PP it is not enough

Casado has criticized that the governments decision to activate this legal tool which has been requested by ten regional governments is the confirmation of a great failure because Pedro Sánchez said in June that the country had defeated the virus

However the PP is willing to give its votes if its temporal scope is limited and the Government negotiates a legal modification The president spoke yesterday with the head of the opposition and the contacts continued later between their respective cabinets

The statements on Sunday by different popular leaders evidenced the internal debate in the party Autonomous barons such as the president of Murcia Fernando López Miras and that of Castilla y León Alfonso Fernández Mañueco expressed their agreement with the decree On the other hand the spokesman for the national executive José Luis MartínezAlmeida came out immediately after Sánchezs appearance to criticize the Government

We understand that this is not the time to show differences The concept of cogovernance implies listening to the other acting together joining forces and will The situation is very serious and action was urgent Couldnt wait any longer

Although late decisions have been made and are welcome I offer loyalty and an outstretched hand to fight together against the disease said López Miras

The citizens do not deserve this bewilderment Between this press conference and this state of imminent alarm only 10 days have passed wrote the mayor of Madrid on his Twitter account attaching a video with some statements by Fernando Simón in which he said that his feeling was that Spain it was in a stabilization phase prior to a possible decline in the contagion curve

The PP voted against the last extensions of the previous state of alarm and Casado has since demanded the modification of the Organic Law of 1986 on Special Measures in Public Health Matters to provide legal security to the measures of each Administration without having to resort to the alarm state

The regional presidents of the PP have also defended this path but they do not see the state of alarm in such a negative way as Genoa The relationship between the communities governed by the popular and the Executive has been different from that between it and the leadership of the PP only in Madrid has there been an open confrontation with La Moncloa

The opposition parties are putting pressure on the government to reduce the duration of the state of alarm Ciudadanos maintains its willingness to support the new decree but also considers it excessive that it be extended for six months

The leader of Cs Inés Arrimadas confirmed this Monday her support for the measure although she has warned that she will ask the Government not to extend it for half a year We will try to negotiate that this term is much shorter Arrimadas anticipated in an interview on Cadena Ser

The Arrimadas party also demands that Pedro Sánchez appear periodically in Congress to render accounts during the time of state of alarm For Cs it is inalienable that Sánchez attend

It is good that the state of alarm is a longterm tool but it is compatible with democratic health The president has the obligation to periodically go to Congress said Edmundo Bal deputy party spokesman Bal is already in talks with the first vice president of the Government Carmen Calvo to negotiate his support for the decree Css intention is support the state of alarm and improve it said Bal

The Government wants the state of alarm until next May to be approved this time without the opposition of any party helped because the request comes from 10 autonomous communities of all political colors and because the PP has just started a turn to the center after Pablo Casados break with Vox

However the sector of the Catalan Government of Junts per Catalunya criticized the decree this Sunday which has raised doubts about the support of the proindependence parties

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