COVID 19 More in Children rather than adults- says Data!

According to the updated data, comparing in March and April, more COVID 19 Positive cases were observed in children rather than adults or old-age people. The data was obtained from Austin Public Health, which depicted that total no. of cases in age group of 0 to 9 increased by 11 % between these months.

The spokesperson said that they do not have the percentage breakdown of ages and neither does Texas Department of State Health Services have the data readily available. But later, American Academy of Pediatrics showed that all the new cases registered, most of them were children itself.

Officials also made the observation that people are refusing to take the vaccine, and told that reaching herd immunity soon will be a difficult task.

Most of the adults aging between 30s to 40s are not vaccinated completely, but those who are above 65 are completely vaccinated. Moreover, if adults are not vaccinated, there are chances that they will pass on the virus to their kids making them catching COVID.

Another reason might be the variants of the Corona Virus, which are readily affecting children. Mainly Britain and Brazilian variants are affecting children than other strains. Although with the Brazilian strains, children are getting very sick but yet hospitalization is not required. Children have to be closely monitored so that the no. of cases in children do not increase rapidly.

Vaccines for Teens and Children:

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is planning to give emergency vaccines to children, who are in extreme requirement of it. The Government is soon planning to roll out vaccines for Children. Pfizer vaccine would be preferred for the children aging 12 to 15.

Officials are encouraging parents to get their child vaccinated as soon as possible when the vaccines roll out.

As children are more into sports, parents are urged to register for the vaccines once it is available and moreover they are requested to follow the normal COVID protocols while indoor get together like wearing masking, maintaining social distance and use of sanitizers.

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