Windows 11 is the best OS for gaming!

Windows 11 is officially available from today. Windows 10 users who have PCs with the required specifications of Windows 10 can upgrade to Windows 11 for free. Microsoft has posted blogs about gaming on the new Windows 11, they have quoted that it is the best windows version that is built for gaming.

For gamers, the major changes in Windows 11 are two new features that were in  Xbox Series X|S, they are Auto HDR and Direct Storage. Both have certain requirements for them to perform well, but if one already has a gaming rig then it isn’t an issue.

Auto HDR

Auto HDR, as the name implies, is a function that will automatically update game visuals to High Dynamic Range if you have a monitor that supports HDR. The option is supported with more than 1000 DirectX 11 and DirectX 12 games. It increases the number of colors shown and enables higher-quality contrast and brightness.


DirectStorage is also another feature carried over from the Xbox Series X|S. This allows gaming PCs to load games faster and display large or complex game environments that will normally freeze PCs with lower specifications. However, in order for the feature to work, there must be an NVMe solid-state drive and a DirectX 12 GPU.

While the next-generation Xbox controllers, the Xbox Adaptive Controller, and many other third-party gaming devices are not technically new to Windows 11, Microsoft says that the new version of Windows will continue to offer all the hardware compatibility in the world.

Microsoft is also expanding its software, subscription, and streaming goals with Windows 11, with the Xbox app, included as part of the standard software package. The Xbox app features Game Pass, which allows members to easily access their game section. To make the app more for players, Xbox Cloud Gaming will be included in the same app.

Cloud streaming is an interesting new feature currently available on Xbox for beta testers, which means you can stream and play games online without downloading them. You can begin a game much faster with streaming, which may be quite useful when you’re impatient about a game and want to test it out but don’t want to download the whole game data.

Microsoft is now testing cloud gaming on Xbox with only a few sets of Xbox Insider program users in the Alpha Skip-Ahead and Alpha rings. Microsoft will gradually offer this to additional users.

By allowing you to play Xbox Game Pass titles without having to wait for an install, cloud gaming on your console saves your time to have fun and allows you to immediately join into online multiplayer sessions with your friends. You’ll also save space on your hard disc. To begin, go to Xbox Game Pass on your PC and search for games with the cloud symbol.

Players can find the supported games by choosing the Xbox Game Pass catalog by Cloud Gaming. Then simply press “Play” and you’re ready to go and there’s no installation necessary.

As this feature is still being tested, there are a few known concerns to be aware of. Anyone may participate in the Xbox Insider program by installing the Xbox Insider app from the Store and join the beta testing to check the upcoming upgrades. The Xbox Insider program is also giving access to play the Halo Infinite.

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