Australia to build upgraded nuclear-powered submarines

Beginning this year, South Australia will serve as the base for constructing Australian nuclear-powered submarines, contributing to the single-largest upgrade to our Defense capability.

Australia’s next-generation nuclear-powered submarines will be constructed in Osborne, South Australia, as promised by the Albanian government.

This historic announcement presents South Australia with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that will create jobs and advance the nation’s economy for years to come.

As it assumes its position at the forefront of one of Australia’s most significant industrial undertakings, the South Australian industry will experience a significant increase in capability and capacity.

Over the Forward Estimates, this will result in an estimated cost of $2 billion investment in South Australia.

The Submarine Construction Yard built for the construction of our nuclear-powered submarines of the next generation will be almost three times bigger than the yard anticipated for the Attack class program.

The work in South Australia gets started right away because we have already made investments in the workforce and infrastructure needed to support the construction.

The design and construction of infrastructure for Submarine Construction Yard in Osborne, South Australia, will require up to 4,000 workers at its peak.

When the program reaches its height, an added 4,000 to 5,500 direct shipyard jobs are can be created, nearly doubling the workforce can by the previous government for Attack class program. Extra jobs generated in supply chain for manufacture or maintenance of submarines are not included.

In order to provide Australia with this multi-generational opportunity, the ruling Albanese Government will continue to collaborate with South Australian Government through Commonwealth South Australian Defence Industry Workforce and Skills Taskforce.

The Hon. Richard Marles MP, the deputy prime minister, said: “South Australia has a critical contribution to country’s next-generation nuclear-powered submarine program by ensuring that there is a world-class facility to build and deliver this transformational capability.

To support the construction of the submarine construction yard and of our Australian nuclear-powered submarine, South Australia will be home to thousands of jobs.
The Hon. Pat Conroy MP, Minister for Defense Industry: “This is the biggest industrial project Australia has ever undertaken. For the industry in South Australia, it will be transformative.

In addition to the huge potential in the supply chains of Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom, there will be thousands of direct employment created during the construction of the shipyard and the production of the submarines.

“This is unprecedented investment in our national power and a historic investment in Australia,” said Senator the Hon. Penny Wong, minister of foreign affairs.

Labor has consistently advocated for South Australian shipbuilding, and we are now doing so. The AUKUS relationship will help our people, industry, and economy both now and in the future, with work starting right away.

Peter Malinauskas, MP, Premier of South Australia: “The importance of this moment cannot be understated.

The AUKUS submarines will be the most intricate devices ever created by humans. And here, in South Australia, they will be constructed. Many more people than just the tens of thousands of Osborne employees will profit.

This is a transformative chance to make our economy more complex.

This translates into more highly paid, highly skilled positions throughout our economy, raising the standard of living for future generations of South Australians.

The highly skilled workforce needs to be ready in order for us to take advantage of this historic opportunity, which is a huge task.

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