Australian, US signs agreement on clean energy

A bilateral meeting that was held between the Prime Minister of Australia, Anthony Albanese, and President of United States, Joe Biden, on the sidelines of the G7 conference in Hiroshima.

The leaders of both countries signed an agreement to boost climate and renewable energy action between the United States of America and Australia.

After the cancellation of the leaders’ summit that was supposed to take place in Sydney the following week, Albanese is also slated to meet with the leaders of the United States along with the eladers of, India, and Japan in a meeting known as a Quad meeting.

According to White House, the third meeting of the Quad leaders to take place in person will take place in Japan on Saturday.

“After President [Joe] Biden had to postpone his trip to Australia, the Quad leaders agreed that they would hold their summit in Hiroshima to ensure that all four leaders could come together to mark the Quad’s progress over the past year,” it stated.

“The Quad leaders agreed that they would hold their summit in Hiroshima to ensure that all four leaders could unite to mark the Quad’s progress over the past year.”

Albanese stated that even though there would be less time for the meeting, a significant amount of preparation had already been completed.

He said, “I think we had a successful meeting and bilaterals.” “We will have a successful meeting,” he said.

I attended virtually the entire major economies forum, in which all of the Quad leaders participated, and we talked about some important things that will lead into the discussions,” I said.

“These are the things that will lead into the conversations.”

Richard Marles, Australia’s Deputy Prime Minister, stated that the meeting with¬† President Joe Biden occurred at a critical juncture in the alliance shortly after Australia disclosed how it would obtain nuclear-powered submarines as part of the Aukaus deal.

In July, Marles, also the minister of defence, and Penny Wong, the minister of foreign affairs, will visit their American counterparts in the United States.

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