Australian defence force starts Exercise Viper Strike

This month, Exercise Viper Strike was conducted to improve the capacity of various units to cooperate in a combat situation.

The Royal Australian Regiment’s (6RAR) 6th Battalion participated in the Enoggera Close Training Area drill.

The fighting unit was headquartered out of Alpha Company 6RAR, with assistance from the 1st Battalion, Royal Australian Artillery, 2nd Health Battalion, 1st Military Police Battalion, and 2nd Fighting Engineer Regiment (2CER).

Soldiers set up ambushes, responded to them, conducted security patrols, and dealt with delicate population issues, such as a mass burial scenario, during the exercise modelled after a mechanized infantry security operation.

Captain Jose Carino, Alpha Company 6RAR’s second-in-command, said the exercise improved the soldiers’ capacity to cooperate with other units.

“Exercise Viper Strike 23 served as an excellent activity for the infantry platoons and enablers so we could operate in a combat team environment,” stated Captain Carino.

It emphasized how crucial it is to comprehend the capabilities of the entire force and work with other units to attain training objectives.

These elements “help to create the framework for our soldiers to fight and prevail in operations.”

The exercise included an enemy platoon that engaged in ambushes and night probes to evaluate the combat team’s capacity to function in the face of ongoing danger.

Alpha Company 6RAR’s commanding officer Another example of 6RAR’s preparation for Exercise Talisman Sabre, according to Major Nathan Dubbeld, was training to defeat an opponent under challenging circumstances.

The combat team needs to train as a combined arms unit, according to Major Dubbeld, to be ready for Talisman Sabre 23 and, more significantly, for operational deployments.

“The exercise concentrated on training to respond to a conventional threat during a shift from competition to conflict. It simulated a realistic deployment and operation.

As a result, the combat team was able to practice a broader range of crucial warfighting and specialized capabilities, increasing the lethality and survivability of our personnel.

Exercises like Viper Strike evaluate the soldiers’ readiness through various realistic scenarios, ensuring that the 7th Brigade is prepared for emergency deployment.

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