Japan witness heaviest rain ever

The “heaviest” rain that has ever fallen in that region produced floods in southwest Japan, which resulted in the deaths of 3 individuals as well as the disappearance of three others.

In some areas of the island of Kyushu, record amounts of rain fell in a short period of time, causing rivers to flood and hillsides to give way.

On Monday, the national weather agency in Kurume recorded a rainfall total of 402.5 millimeters, which was the greatest amount ever recorded in the city.

Roads and powerlines were severed, and the authorities ordered the evacuation of thousands of people since further rain was forecast.

The director of the Japanese Meteorological Agency, Satoshi Sugimoto, expressed his belief that the recent rainstorms were “the heaviest ever experienced” in the area.

According to government official Hirokazu Matsuno, who spoke with the AFP news agency, the death toll from the flooding has already reached at least three individuals but could reach a higher number. There was a search being conducted in some of the most remote parts of the island for three missing people.

Mr. Matsuno expressed, “We express our condolences to those who died, and our heartfelt sympathy towards those who were affected by the disaster,”

As a result of the downpours, hundreds of thousands of people were given notices to evacuate their homes, and he stated that isolated towns are still effectively blocked off due to flooding and other damage.

According to the local authorities in Soeda, Fukuoka region, an old woman lost her life when she was unable to escape a home that had become engulfed in mud. Her husband survived. It appears that another person was carried away by a flooded river when they were traveling in a vehicle in the city of Kurume.

At this time of year, Japan is experiencing its yearly rainy season, which is characterized by frequent intense downpours, can sometimes lead to flooding and landslides, and occasionally causes casualties as well.

The Japanese Meteorological Agency reports that the greatest rainfall ever recorded in Japan occurred on October 12, 2019, in Hakone, Kanagawa Prefecture, where 922.5 millimeters of rain fell in a single day.

Scientists believe that climate change is making it more likely that there will be intense rainfall in Japan and other parts of the world. This is because a warmer atmosphere can contain more water.

The local meteorological service reported that the region had been experiencing rain for more than a week prior to the arrival of the severe downpours that occurred late on Sunday night.

Even though the sun was shining in many parts of the country on Tuesday, officials have issued a warning that additional rain is in the forecast, which could further saturate the ground and cause it to become more unstable.

When it rains heavily in Japan, which is a hilly country, there is an increased risk of landslides. This is because many homes in Japan are located on plains that are at the bottom of hillsides.

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