AUS: Stranded man survives on fish, rainwater

A guy from Sydney, Australia, who is 51 years old, and his dog have been rescued after being shipwrecked at sea for months while subsisting on a diet of raw fish and water collected from the rain.

After only a few weeks of being at sea, a storm destroyed the electronics and communication system of Tim Shaddock’s catamaran, forcing him and his dog Bella to drift aimlessly in the Pacific Ocean for the better part of two months.

In April, Shaddock set sail from La Paz, which is located in Mexico, and was headed toward French Polynesia, which is located more than 5,000 kilometers distant when his boat was wrecked by the storm.

On July 12th, a helicopter that was providing surveillance for a Mexican fishing boat discovered the two individuals and subsequently rescued them.

A picture of Shaddock that was taken after he was rescued by the trawler revealed that he had grown a long beard in the period that he had been at sea.

“The tuna boat ‘MARA DELIA’ of the marindustrias firm has just rescued a castaway after he had been stranded at sea for three months. “There is no question in anyone’s mind that God is awesome,” the message stated.

Shaddock was able to survive for two months in the little sailboat by eating raw fish, drinking rainwater, and concealing himself from the sun under a canopy.

The video footage of Shaddock following his recovery, which was obtained by media, showed him reassuring his friends and family that he was in good health despite the experience he had been through.

“I’ve just got fishing gear and survival gear,” he added. “I’m good to go.”

“I’ve gone through a really horrible adventure at sea, and I just need some rest and nice food since I’ve been alone at sea for a long time… I’ve been in this situation for a very long period… I have gone a very long period without eating adequate meals… I am able to have really high-quality treatment, and my medical needs are being meticulously attended to.

The tuna boat is currently making its way back to Mexico, where Shaddock will submit to further medical examinations and receive additional care, if necessary.

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