Gold Coast plans to host Commonwealth Games

According to the mayor of Gold Coast, the city is prepared to take over hosting the 2026 Commonwealth Games after the state of Victoria decided not to participate.

The state of Queensland in Australia, in which the coastal city that will be hosting the 2018 Games is located, is also getting ready to host the 2032 Olympics in the city of Brisbane.

Tate believes that the fact that they will be hosting the Commonwealth Games will assist in the preparations.

His rescue plan has been “fully supported” by Athletics Australia, which is the governing body for sports in Australia.

“We firmly believe the city is in a unique position to step forward,” stated Athletics Australia.

“As was seen in 2018, the Gold Coast had a remarkable ability to stage a Games competition of high caliber, one that had a significant and long-lasting effect on Australian sporting culture.

We are confident that the city, which has the potential to have an influence on athletes training for the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2032, will be able to maintain the ethos of the Commonwealth Games.

The Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) had a difficult time locating a host until the state of Victoria offered their services in April of 2022.

On Thursday, a representative for the CGF stated that they had “not even begun” the process of investigating any other possible hosting alternatives for the 2026 Games.

According to a statement made by a spokeswoman for the company, “We are currently focused on our legal options and a responsible settlement to the contract [with Victoria].”

“We have been motivated by the tremendous support that has been shown to us from all over the world, and it is wonderful to see the excitement that is being shown for the Games.”

Daniel Andrews, the Premier of Victoria, made the announcement on Tuesday that the state would no longer be hosting the event. He stated that the cost had tripled and had become “well and truly too much” for the state to bear.

Birmingham offered to take up the hosting duties after the South African city of Durban was forced to stand down as the host of the 2022 Commonwealth Games in March 2017 due to budgetary difficulties.

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