UK to extend Blue plaque scheme outside London

The official blue plaque system could be extended outside the borders of London to recognize notable persons and their connections to structures located all over England.

The project, which is being run in London by English Heritage, is designed to remember the connections that can be formed between historically significant people and the structures in which they lived and worked. Specifically, the project will focus on recognizing the connections that can be made between the buildings in which they lived and worked.

However, the official plan is only in effect in the nation’s capital city, hence plaques recognizing significant individuals can only be found on buildings in London. These plaques can be found in towns and cities all around the United Kingdom. Plaques from the program run by the Manchester city council are one example of this type of award.

In the year 1867, the Society of Arts was the group that initially offered the idea; however, English Heritage was the organization that took the initiative and ran with it in the year 1986. It is thought to be the earliest project of its kind that has ever been carried out anywhere in the world.

An amendment to the leveling up and regeneration bill is going to be discussed in the House of Lords, and one of the topics that will be brought up is the establishment of an official system that is applicable throughout the all of England. Stephen Parkinson, who is the minister for the arts and heritage, is the one who presented the proposal, which also has the support of Lady Pinnock and Lord Mendoza. Lady Pinnock and Lord Mendoza are both in favor of the amendment.

According to the nonprofit organization English Heritage, the group carried out a pilot program for a nationwide campaign between the years 2000 and 2005. However, the program was finally scrapped since “much of the ground had already been covered.”

In and around London, there are more than 900 official plaques to be found in various locations. The person being memorialized on a plaque needs to have been gone for at least 20 years, have spent a significant amount of time in London, and be worthy of receiving attention on a national scale for the plaque to be regarded official.

“London’s blue plaques are famous all over the world,” Lord Parkinson is quoted as saying in one account. Over the course of more than 150 years, they have made important contributions to the commemoration of the rich and varied past of our nation’s capital city and the people who have lived there.

But people everywhere should be able to celebrate the figures who have shaped their community – which is why we are seeking to extend this opportunity across the country, to allow people and buildings from anywhere in England to be nominated.” “But people everywhere should be able to celebrate the figures who have shaped their community.” “But it should be possible for people everywhere to celebrate the figures who have played a role in shaping their community”.

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