Sydney: Jewish people condemns support for Hamas

The Jewish community in Australia has issued a strong condemnation of at least two demonstrations of support for Hamas assaults on Israel that took place in south-west Sydney.

On Sunday evening in Greenacre, video footage was taken showing green and red pyrotechnics being let off from the back of a moving silver ute. The clip was captured in Greenacre. It appeared as though the shell fireworks were fired from a mortar tube, and Palestinian flags were waved from the automobile as it went through red lights. In the background, there are yells of encouragement and the sound of automobile horns.

A rally was held at Lakemba not far away, and it drew a large crowd.

The Australian Jewish Association, which was responsible for publishing the Greenacre footage, was led by Chief Executive Officer Robert Gregory, who stated that “it is distressing that there are monsters living amongst us and we expect the Muslim community to condemn the actions.”

“In this scenario, you may either be on the side of evil or the side of good. We ask the authorities to investigate whether there are any charges that can be laid and for those people to be deported. If there are no charges that can be laid, then those people should be removed. It is abundantly evident that they do not belong in Australia.

In light of the recent developments in Israel, he referred to the protests as “horrific”

“It’s heartbreaking when women and children are being slaughtered, raped, and beheaded; the fact that this behavior is condoned in Sydney is simply horrifying… “These savage deeds have no place in the 21st century; they are more suited for the middle ages,” he remarked.

Commenting on the demonstrations, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Penny Wong, stated that “the targeting of civilians and the taking of hostages is never a cause for celebrations” and that Australia would “never condone” such methods “whatever people’s views of the history of this conflict.” She added that Australia would “never condone” such tactics “whatever people’s views of the history of this conflict”

Anthony Albanese, the Prime Minister of Australia, appeared on the Today show on Channel Nine and stated that there was “nothing to celebrate by the murder of innocent civilians going about their day.”

“Some of those who have been captured were young people who were enjoying life and enjoying each other’s company while they were at a rave,” the official said.

Mark Speakman, who is leader of opposition in New South Wales, issued a condemnation of the protest that took place in Lakemba, stating that the Jewish community ought to feel protected and secure.

“It was disheartening to find out that some were glorifying brutality the next day… There is never a justification for harming civilians, let alone celebrating an attack that has already been carried out.

The chief executive of Muslim Women Australia, Maha Abdo, stated that she wanted the local Muslim community to focus on peace while acknowledging their pain. She said that this was her message to them.

“There is a significant amount of traumatic stress, anxiousness, and panic. It is not acceptable for there to be casualties on both sides. It’s painful, and the suffering, of course, just gets worse as the years of oppression pass by.

“Although we must acknowledge the suffering, we must also remember that two wrongs do not constitute a right. This situation does not lend itself to a win-win scenario. Let there be a blizzard of tranquility if you please. Let us pursue peace rather than conflict.”

The Australian National Imams Council (ANIC) issued a statement in which it said it “opposes the unjust and unlawful occupation of [Palestine]” and “supports the Palestinian people’s right for self determination.”

“ANIC calls on the international community and the Australian government to demand that Israel end its siege on Gaza and bring an end to its offensive on Gaza,” the Jewish organization said in a statement.

The New South Wales Police have verified that the incident that occurred in Greenacre was not reported at the time, and they have stated that the Bankstown police area command has begun an investigation to identify the car and the people who were inside of it. Anyone who may have information was strongly encouraged to get in touch with the Bankstown police or Crime Stoppers.

Sunday evening at approximately 7.30 p.m., the Campsie police area command and specialised police resources attended a demonstration at The Boulevarde Reserve in Lakemba, where they observed unlawful protest activity and were present during the event.

“Attendees complied with all police directions,” the police said in a statement. “No significant issues arose, and no arrests were made,” the statement continued.

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