Climate change supporters protest at Sydney, 11 arrested

Monday’s march against climate change in Sydney prompted police to block key streets in the city’s center, and morning travel across the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge was hampered after a woman tied herself to her car.

Eleven individuals were detained, including the lady accused of wearing a bicycle lock around her neck and reportedly taking control of a car whose steering wheel was blocking all city-bound lanes. Since then, the car has been taken away.

Blockade Australia, a group of climate activists, walked across busy streets, causing mayhem for drivers and pedestrians during rush hour. Several individuals were seen on television hurling trash cans, construction barriers, and milk boxes onto the road.

Drums were banged while demonstrators chanted, “Australia’s climate destruction ends here,” and hoisted signs that said, “Disrupt Sydney” and “Resist climate inaction.” The demonstration included, according to the police, roughly 60 persons.

Blockade The protest, according to Australia, was in retaliation for “Australia’s persistent stalling of climate action.” The organizers announced on Twitter that the protests would last the entire week.

Australia, one of the top countries in the world for coal and liquefied natural gas exports, and one of the countries with the highest per capita carbon emissions, has a difficult relationship with climate change.

Australia upped the amount of carbon emissions it plans to reduce by 2030 early this month under a new Labor administration, moving the nation closer to other major nations’ Paris Climate Agreement goals.

Climate scientists have predicted that global warming would likely increase the frequency of extreme weather in Australia, which has recently seen disastrous bushfires and regular flooding.

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