US to provide $800 mln support to Ukraine for weapons

A confident Joe Biden announced $800 million in new weapons for Ukraine and declared that Washington would continue to support Kiev “for as long as it takes” in its conflict with Russia.

While NATO leaders shown strong solidarity at their meeting in Madrid and Western-armed Ukrainian forces claimed success by retaking crucial Snake Island in the Black Sea, Biden made it plain he intended to keep the pressure on President Vladimir Putin.

An energized-looking Biden said at a news conference, “Before the conflict started, I told Putin that if he attacked Ukraine, NATO would not only become stronger, but would get more unified.

He spoke before leaving for Washington following the NATO summit and the G7 leaders’ meeting earlier in Germany, when he kept a low profile and avoided holding a news conference.

The Democrat declared that the US would be providing Ukraine’s military with additional $800 million in assistance “in the coming days.”

“Advanced Western air defense systems for Ukraine, more artillery and ammunition, counter-battery radar, additional ammunition for the HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems that we’ve already given Ukraine, and more HIMARS coming from other countries” are some of the items that will be included in this.

The most recent weapons, which particularly emphasize the lethal and very accurate HIMARS systems, are the newest addition to a dizzying array of weapons that have already revolutionized the Ukrainian military and enabled them to engage the Russian invaders head-to-head in combat.

In addition to sophisticated multiple launch rocket systems, anti-ship systems, and air defense systems, Biden noted that foreign contributions now totaled “almost 140,000 anti-tank systems, more than 600 tanks, nearly 500 artillery systems, and more than 600,000 rounds of artillery ammunition.”

The United States is “leading the way,” according to Biden, with over $7 billion in donated armaments.

Given the steadily worsening economic consequences for many Americans and Europeans, the US president has occasionally been under pressure from Western capitals and the Washington foreign policy elite to guide Ukraine toward a solution.

With Russia attacking Ukraine’s agricultural sector, the war is also posing a threat to the world’s food supplies.

But at his press conference, Biden rejected any advice to take it easier, arguing that Russia had already suffered significant harm and would never be let to triumph.

As long as it takes to prevent them from falling to Russia, he declared, “We are going to stick with Ukraine, and all of the allies are going to stick with Ukraine.”

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