Amazon Prime users can now unsubscribe in 2 clicks after EU complaints

Following concerns from consumer organizations, U.S. online retail giant Amazon (AMZN.O) has made it simpler for customers to terminate their memberships in its fast shipping club Prime with only two clicks, the European Commission announced on Friday.

In April of last year, the European Consumer Organization (BEUC), the Norwegian Consumer Council, and the Transatlantic Consumer Dialogue complained to the EU executive.

They said that in order to cancel their Amazon Prime subscription, consumers had to overcome a number of obstacles, including difficult navigation menus, ambiguous phrasing, and perplexing options.

According to the Commission, the corporation will now provide customers the option to terminate their Amazon Prime subscription with only two clicks using a big, obvious “cancel button.”

With immediate effect, the modifications will be made to all websites in the EU as well as desktop, mobile, and tablet computers.

“The freedom of consumers to exercise that right must be free from interference from platforms. It is obvious that “dark patterns” or manipulative design must be prohibited “Didier Reynders, the commissioner of justice, made a statement.

Says Amazon “We make it easy and transparent for customers to join Prime or terminate their subscription by design. We constantly pay attention to consumer input and seek out ways to enhance the customer experience, as we are doing right now after a fruitful conversation with the European Commission.”

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