Ukraine to sell around $10 bln worth of grain

In the wake of a deal made with Russia to unblock supplies, Ukraine has roughly $10 billion worth of grain available for sale and will also have the opportunity to sell the current harvest, according to President Volodymyr Zelenskiy on Friday.

He stated in a late-night speech, “This is another evidence that Ukraine can weather the war.

A historic agreement between Russia and Ukraine to reopen Ukrainian Black Sea ports for grain exports was reached on Friday, bolstering hopes for a resolution to the global food crisis that the Russian invasion has exacerbated.

“A little more than 20 million tons of the grain crop from the previous year will be exported. Additionally, there will be an opportunity to sell this year’s harvest, of which we already have $10 billion worth of grains accessible “Zelenskiy stated.

According to him, the arrangement, which was mediated by the United Nations and Turkey, offered a chance to avert a worldwide food crisis that may destabilize several nations.

According to Zelenskiy, “Russia may engage in some provocations in an effort to undermine Ukrainian and international efforts.” But we have faith in the UN.

As Russian forces continued to indiscriminately shell villages and cities in the east and the war was about to enter its sixth month, the United States promised further military assistance to Ukraine, including drones, and is debating whether to send fighter planes.

On Friday, Moscow and Kyiv inked a historic agreement that gave rise to optimism about opening up massive grain exports from Black Sea ports. The agreement was praised by President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, but he said that there could be no truce unless lost land was reclaimed because fierce fighting was still taking place on numerous fronts.

He told the media that “freezing the fight with the Russian Federation is a halt that offers the Russian Federation a vacation for rest.”

Society holds that all of the regions must first be freed before discussions about what to do and how to live in the centuries to come can take place.

Since Russian forces took control of the final two Ukrainian-held cities in the eastern region of Luhansk in late June and early July, there have been no significant developments on the front lines.

Russian forces were unable to seize control of the second-largest power plant in Ukraine at Vuhlehirska, northeast of Donetsk, while troops trying to advance west from the city of Lysychansk were repelled, according to the general staff of the Ukrainian armed forces.

According to the governor of Kirovohrad, 13 Russian missiles struck a military airfield and train infrastructure on Saturday, killing several persons and injuring many more.

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