Russia invasion: Ukraine says country’s 9,000 military killed in war

According to the commander of Ukraine’s armed forces, about 9,000 Ukrainian soldiers have perished in the conflict with Russia.

Since Russia’s invasion on February 24, General Valeriy Zaluzhnyi’s toll appears to be the first given by Ukraine’s military leadership.

The commander-in-chief of the armed forces of Ukraine, Zaluzhnyi, stated at a conference honoring military veterans and the families of the deceased that children needed protection in many areas of the nation, including the capital Kyiv.

Their father has gone to the front and may be one of the nearly 9,000 heroes who have been slain, he said, so they “truly do not grasp anything that is going on and obviously require protection.”

Zaluzhnyi gave no additional information and made no mention of whether the number he cited included all service members killed in combat, such as border guards. About 1 million individuals were defending Ukraine as members of the Ukrainian armed forces or other services, according to President Volodymr Zelenkskiy, who spoke at the conference.

Zaluzhnyi omitted to include the number of civilian deaths or the number of Russian soldiers that Kiev claimed had perished in the combat, while the Russian military death toll has been assessed at 45,400 by the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. How many of its soldiers were killed has not been disclosed by Russia.

The losses incurred by either side during what Russia claims was a “special military operation” to demilitarize its smaller neighbor and safeguard Russian-speaking communities have not been confirmed by the media. Moscow is accused of pursuing an imperial-style war of conquest by Ukraine and its Western sponsors.

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