Australia’s Royal Air Force remembers three aviators from same family

In an Australia’s Air Force family affair, the Royal Air Force remembered a family wherein three from the family served the nation.

As part of No. 1 Recruit Training Unit (1RTU) course 15/22, Aircraftman James Rhone completed his initial recruit training, making it three for the Rhone family.
Aircraftman Rhone now serves with his elder brother Leading Aircraftman Mitchell Rhone, who completed recruit training four weeks ago, and their twin sister Aircraftwoman Grace Rhone.

If that wasn’t enough dedication from the Rhones, the three kids will go with their mother Jodie Rhone, who spent 12 years in the Air Force, and their father Warrant Officer Chris Rhone.

WOFF Rhone and Mrs. Rhone are happy that their kids choose to join the Air Force and think that having grown up around Air Force personnel will benefit them professionally.
They all joined and are ecstatic with their decisions, despite switching schools and having to deal with frequent change, according to Warrant Officer Rhone.

They will have a greater knowledge of service life and the opportunities and challenges it presents thanks to their experience. Aircraftwoman Rhone expressed her pride in joining the Air Force and completing recruit training next to her twin.

We faced numerous difficulties while attending 1RTU, but thanks to the support of the other students in the class, we figured out how to get over them and rely on one another’s skills to finish the job.

Aircraftwoman Rhone, according to Aircraftman Rhone, served as an inspiration for him as he underwent his training. Being able to see his twin sister Grace complete the course before him was encouraging, motivational, and caused him to work even harder.

The twins have now started their initial job training, with Aircraftman Rhone starting the Movements mustering and Aircraftwoman Rhone learning how to install aircraft life support systems.

They will join the Air Force after completing their training together with their brothers, Leading Aircraftman Rhone, who works in Air Force security at 34 Squadron, and Warrant Officer Rhone, who is a Warrant Officer Engineering at 75 Squadron.

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