Australia plans cut in red tape across NSW

A Liberal and Nationals government that is re-elected will reduce red tape in NSW, lowering company costs while pledging to reach the goal of 1 million small companies by 2030.
With the stringent mandate to deliver $1 billion in red tape reductions, a new red tape tsar will be appointed as the Red Tape Commissioner for NSW.

Ministers will be forced to identify regulations to delete during an initial two-year government-wide blitz if they propose new laws.

To make it easier to conduct business, all government departments would be forced to submit regulations for review through their secretary supervisors.

By expanding the procurement contracts by more than $2 billion, that too by the end of the next term, and to a total of $10 billion, the Liberals and Nationals will also increase the business prospects for small and medium-sized firms.

Additionally, $1,000 is available for micro and small firms to hire a professional to offer assistance on how to develop and grow their operations.

Premier Dominic Perrottet stated that given the challenges and significant economic headwinds facing the world, NSW has to act immediately to defend employment and businesses.

According to Mr Perrottet, “Our long-term economic plan will safeguard the NSW economy and recession-proof millions of businesses and jobs throughout our State.”

Families and small companies are being impacted by the dual problem of inflation and interest rates in Australia, and NSW needs a government with an economic plan,”
“Unfortunately, we can’t allow NSW to stall under Labor, who have not made plan to support small businesses and the 1.8 million NSW workers who work for them.”

The first industry task force, which will be focused on small businesses and local governments, will be established by the Liberals and Nationals, according to Treasurer Matt Kean, to reduce red tape and accelerate the application and approval processes.
According to Mr Kean, “We’ve always stood side to shoulder with small business, enhancing the knowledge and capabilities of approximately 50,000 small enterprises via the Business Connect program or providing crucial financial help during the pandemic and natural catastrophes.”

We want to collaborate with you to achieve your goals, whether you’re a retailer, a tradie, or a café owner.

The Nationals and Liberals, according to Small Business Minister Victor Dominello, are focused on making it simpler to conduct business.

This will enable processes for individuals, businesses, and community groups to be digitized and streamlined.

“To cut down on the time businesses navigate government procedures; we created Service NSW for Business as a one-stop shop for business advice, aid, and compliance.

“Additionally, through a “tell us once” approach to regulation, we have developed a $166.5 million digital licensing program that leads the country in lowering the compliance burden on businesses.

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