Australian air force gets new traffic controller

Flight Lieutenant Brittany Knowles calls her position as an air traffic controller in the Air Force “the coolest job in the world.”

Flight Before traveling to Dubai to work as cabin crew and a recruiter for Emirates, Lieutenant Knowles took flying lessons because she had always wanted to work in the aviation industry. She joined the Air Force as an air traffic controller in her late 20s after returning to Australia to pursue her career.

Flight Lieutenant Knowles, who is currently stationed with 452 Squadron in Darwin, says her line of work presents a lot of fun difficulties.

Because of the variety of aircraft, which can range from small Cessnas to the F-35A fighter aircraft during an exercise, Darwin is such an interesting area to be an air traffic controller, according to Flight Lieutenant Knowles.

“Sequencing might be challenging due to the wide range of aircraft speeds. On some days, after you have finished your in-bound sequence and it appears to be flawless, military aircraft in the drill regions will alter their plans.

It can require you to start over and replan the entire sequence.

Flight Lieutenant Knowles appreciates Darwin’s wet-dry tropical environment, laid-back way of life, and accessibility to the outdoors in addition to her job.

I’ve lived in Darwin for more than four years, and I truly like the outdoorsy way of life here, she remarked.

It’s breathtaking whether you visit the nearby national parks or just stroll along the esplanade in the afternoons.

According to Flight Lieutenant Knowles, there are two ways to be an air traffic controller in Australia: either through the Air Force or Air Services Australia.

“I decided to be in Air Force because I wanted an experience and to serve my country.

“Another reason I enjoy my profession is the great friendships and camaraderie that you form. The best thing ever, in fact.

Go to Air Force Defence Jobs and begin your trip right away if you believe that working as an Air Force air traffic controller in Darwin would be enjoyable for you.

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