Nearly half of UK supported Ukraine with donations

According to recent polls, more than a third of British adults have contributed to aid the humanitarian assistance operations in Ukraine. The polling also shows that most people are still concerned about the crisis a year later.

According to a recent poll commissioned by Christian Aid, 37% of the adult population have donated in some way, despite ongoing fundraising efforts to help those left in extreme need due to the war. 81% of respondents indicated they still worry about the conflict’s effects.

Christian Aid estimates that 17.7 million Ukrainians require aid, and more than 13 million cannot return to their homes a year after the invasion. Almost 770,000 people affected by the war have received emergency aid. Christian Aid chair John Sentamu, a former archbishop of York, claimed that the British public had demonstrated “overwhelming kindness to the Ukrainian people.”

According to Sentamu, millions of innocent people have endured unimaginable agony due to Vladimir Putin’s invasion. “We have witnessed how innocent people have been subjected to horrific violence and anguish and how homes have been destroyed; families have broken apart, etc.

“I am not shocked that the war continues to worry so many people throughout our aisles. We must never forget that every prayer, every donation, and every deed gives our Ukrainian brothers and sisters hope.

“Christian Aid is therefore pushing actors to guarantee that the conflict does not cut funding for other crises across the globe and to ensure that the search for a decent and sustainable peace for Ukraine does not end.”

Concerned about the lack of money for the situation in east Africa, where rising hunger is partially a result of a surge in food costs caused by the war, aid organizations have also expressed concern about the funding for those affected by series of earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.

A year after Russia’s invasion, UK charities have contributed over £400 million to the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal, with the UK government matching £25 million. Several religious organizations have similarly cautioned the British government against supporting Ukraine at the expense of other troubled regions. The international development community has expressed concern that initiatives aiding Ukrainian refugees who have immigrated to Britain have severely depleted the UK aid fund. The UK’s aid budget was cut by 59%, and Britain has been urged to restore it.

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