Queen Elizabeth II’s picture from last days up for national award

One of the final public images that was ever taken of Queen Elizabeth II is one of the photographs that is contending for an award that will be chosen by public voting. The winner of these award will be decided by the public.

Attendees of the annual UK Picture Editors’ Guild Awards will have opportunity to vote for the photo that they believe best captures the spirit of 2022. Twenty photographs will be submitted for consideration, all of which were taken between January 1 and December 31.

One of the images that has been nominated for this award is a haunting picture of the late Queen Elizabeth II carrying a walking stick and standing in front of a blazing fire at Balmoral on the morning of September 6, shortly before she was to meet with Liz Truss, who served as Prime Minister at the time.

As a direct consequence of this occurrence, the monarch passed away at Balmoral Castle two days later.

Photographs of Prince Louis covering his ears during a flypast and another one of her on balcony of Buckingham Palace during silver jubilee festivities in June caught the attention of the judges. Both of these photographs were taken during the month of June.

In addition, there are photographs of the current situation in Ukraine, as well as pictures of the soccer player Lionel Messi carrying the World Cup.

Other pictures that are up for debate include one that shows a protester with the group Just Stop Oil, and another that shows people in the United Kingdom perspiring in heat that was 40 degrees Celsius the previous summer.

“Photographers working for the press risk their lives in war zones in order to bring us the news as it breaks,” stated a spokesman for the UK Picture Editors’ Guild awards. “They bring us the news as it happens.” “We are thankful to them for their service.”

Even though their work is published on a regular basis in the pages of newspapers, they are rarely given recognition for the contributions that they make.

People who register to vote before the third of September will be placed into a lottery for a chance to win hotel stay in London for two nights. The drawing will take place on September 3.

The presentation of awards will take place on the grounds of the Honourable Artillery Company in the City of London on the 16th of October.

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