Here’s how you can watch Voice referendum results

Those voters who are interested in finding out the results of the referendum on Saturday night will be able to comprehensive coverage of the event on public broadcasters such as ABC, SBS, and NITV, as well as on Sky News Australia; however, commercial networks are limiting the amount of information they are broadcasting on the event.

At 6.30 p.m., the presenters from SBS and NITV, Anton Enus and Natalie Ahmat, a Mudburra and Wagadagam woman, will begin the four-hour simulcast with news and live crosses to reporters on the ground.

After this, there will be a live two-hour program called “The Point: Australia Decides,” which will be presented by a Wuthathi and Meriam man named John Paul Janke and a Whadjuk Noongar lady named Narelda Jacobs.

Professor Marcia Langton, former Labor senator Nova Peris, Minister for Social Services Amanda Rishworth, and Tasmanian Liberal Member of Parliament Bridget Archer will participate in a panel discussion that will be hosted by The Point.

In a manner analogous to that which is employed on election nights, wall-to-wall coverage will also be provided by the media on Saturday night.

At eight in the morning, Fran Kelly will be reporting for ABC local radio, and Tom Oriti and Dana Morse will give continuous coverage of the referendum count on media.

During the Sunday morning broadcast, Kelly will be joined by Raf Epstein, host of the Melbourne program for results.

Before an expert panel begins at 5.30 in the evening on ABC TV and iview, Jeremy Fernandez will begin the broadcast by reading the national news bulletin early, at 5 in the afternoon.​

The Indigenous journalists Bridget Brennan and Dan Bourchier, along with the presenter of Insiders, David Speers, will serve as the panel’s moderators and moderate the discussion.

Antony Green, the ABC elections analyst, will be providing his observations alongside those of Laura Tingle, the chief political journalist, Isabella Higgins, the Europe correspondent, Patricia Karvelas, and others who have returned for the voice vote. Green will also be joined in their discussion by Patricia Karvelas.​

The outcomes of the referendum will be dissected in a special episode of Insiders that will run for a duration of ninety minutes and will be hosted by Speers and Higgins. Joining them as guests will be David Crowe from Nine and Janke from SBS.

Casey Briggs, an ABC analyst for results, will do some statistical crunching, and there will also be interviews with prominent personalities from both camps of the yes and no campaigns.

At approximately 6:30 p.m., Ellen Fanning will be the host of a special episode of The Drum.​

Sky News Australia, a subscription television station owned by Rupert Murdoch and which already has a dedicated channel covering the voice to parliament, is also committing a large amount of resources to the counting process.

Kieran Gilbert will be the host of the Voice Referendum Live, which will begin at 5 o’clock, and Sky’s political editor, Andrew Clennell, as well as presenters Chris Kenny, an advocate for “yes,” and Peta Credlin, an advocate for “no,” will participate.

Michelle Rowland, who is the communications minister for the Labor party, and David Littleproud, who is the head of the National party, will both be in attendance.

Both the broadcaster for Sky News, Andrew Bolt, who is a staunch supporter of the no vote, and the former Labor powerbroker, Graham Richardson, are going to give their appraisal of the situation.

After the news bulletin has been broadcast on Channel Seven, Michael Usher will co-anchor a special program for a half-hour with the political editor, Mark Riley. Following that, Seven will show a film from 2009 titled “The Proposal,” which stars Sandra Bullock.

A similar low-key strategy is being taken by Nine, which will broadcast a half-hour voice special results before the start of the cricket at 7.30 p.m.

Amelia Adams will be the one to deliver an update on the outcome of the referendum on the main current affairs show of Nine, which airs on Sundays and is called 60 Minutes.

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