Sudan shut schools due to 45C heatwave

South Sudan is set to shut down all schools starting Monday in anticipation of an intense heatwave projected to persist for a fortnight. The ministries of health and education have advised parents to keep their children indoors as temperatures are forecasted to reach a scorching 45C (113F).

They cautioned that any school found operating during this alert period would risk losing its registration. However, the announcement made late on Saturday did not specify the duration of the school closures. The ministries assured the public that they would monitor the situation closely and provide updates accordingly.

Peter Garang, a resident of the capital city, Juba, expressed approval of the decision, suggesting that schools should be connected to the electricity grid to facilitate the installation of air conditioning units.

South Sudan, recognized as one of the world’s newest nations, is particularly susceptible to the climate crisis, with heatwaves being commonplace but seldom surpassing 40C (104F). The country has been marred by civil conflict, exacerbating challenges such as droughts and floods, thereby rendering living conditions harsh.

In its most recent country brief, the World Food Programme highlighted that South Sudan continues to grapple with a severe humanitarian crisis, stemming from violence, economic instability, climate change, and an influx of refugees escaping conflict in neighboring Sudan. The brief noted that in January alone, 818,000 vulnerable individuals received food assistance and cash-based aid.

The ongoing challenges facing South Sudan underscore the urgent need for comprehensive solutions to address not only immediate crises like the impending heatwave but also the underlying issues driving instability and suffering in the country. Efforts to bolster infrastructure, enhance climate resilience, promote peacebuilding initiatives, and improve access to essential services such as education and healthcare are critical for building a more sustainable and prosperous future for the people of South Sudan.

As the government and humanitarian organizations work to mitigate the impacts of the heatwave and other concurrent crises, it is essential to prioritize the well-being and safety of all individuals, particularly the most vulnerable populations who are disproportionately affected by these challenges. Additionally, collaboration and support from the international community are crucial for providing assistance and resources to help South Sudan address its multifaceted humanitarian and development needs.

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