Cambodia bans musical vehicle horns

Cambodia’s Prime Minister, Hun Manet, has issued a directive to ban musical vehicle horns following the circulation of videos on social media depicting individuals dancing on roadsides to the rhythmic tunes emitted by passing trucks.

Taking over from his father, Hun Sen, who governed Cambodia for 38 years, Hun Manet has instructed the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation and law enforcement agencies nationwide to take immediate action against vehicles equipped with musical horns. He emphasized the removal of such non-standard horns and restoration of conventional horn types.

While provincial authorities have already begun enforcing this measure, Hun Manet underscored its nationwide implementation. He addressed the issue on his Facebook page, highlighting recent social media posts depicting “inappropriate activities,” particularly involving youth and children dancing alongside roads to the musical tunes produced by truck horns.

Hun Manet expressed concern that such dancing not only disrupts public order but also poses a significant traffic hazard, endangering lives, including those of the dancers themselves. One video specifically captured three individuals dancing on a road as a large trailer truck approached, providing a musical backdrop to their performance.

Hun Manet’s directive aims to curb the potentially dangerous trend of individuals engaging in roadside dancing, which not only disrupts traffic flow but also jeopardizes the safety of both the dancers and other road users.

By publicly announcing the ban, the Prime Minister hopes to raise awareness and ensure strict enforcement of the measure nationwide. He emphasized the importance of maintaining public order and preventing accidents caused by distractions on the roads.

The decision to crack down on musical vehicle horns reflects the government’s commitment to promoting road safety and preserving public order. It underscores the responsibility of authorities to address emerging social trends that pose risks to public safety and traffic management.

In implementing this ban, the Cambodian government aims to reinforce the standard use of vehicle horns for their intended purpose, namely to alert others of potential hazards or dangers on the road. This move aligns with broader efforts to enhance road safety standards and reduce the incidence of accidents and injuries on Cambodian roads.

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