False news about Virus Shedding: Myths about COVID 19 vaccine

In this pandemic of COVID 19, Vaccine is the powerful weapon to fight this deadly disease. But many myths about the COVID 19 vaccine are spreading like fire.

One such rumor about the COVID 19 vaccine is the Shedding of the Virus after vaccination. This false news is being spread that those who are vaccinated with the spike protein of the coronavirus are shedding the virus. It is believed that pregnant women who are in close contact with those who are vaccinated face miscarriages.

This false news is further associated with another incorrect information that the COVID vaccine incorporates syncytin-1. Syncytin-1 is a protein that helps in the formation of the placenta.

The myths are not only limited to this, but it goes on. It is also said that COVID vaccines disturb the menstrual cycles, affect the reproductive system, and lead to infertility in women.

It is believed that the Vaccine causes the immune system to attack syncytin-1, causing miscarriages in women. But the fact-checkers say that SARS-CoV-2 is not made up of syncytin-1. Furthermore, syncytin-1 and Sars-Cov-2 are not at all related.

They also said that the Vaccine made of mRNA has no harmful effects on women and their reproductive system.

Since the vaccines are not made of any live coronavirus, hence they can not cause disease to the person who is being administered with the Vaccine. The vaccines contain an attenuated form of the virus and therefore are not harmful to both men and women.

According to the medical news, the cells of the person who gets the first shot of Vaccine urges to produce the spike protein, which is generally cleared within 24 to 48 hours, and hence there are no chances of shedding at all.

Generally, shedding only occurs in live vaccines and not in those which are made of mRNA. Both Moderna and Pfizer are mRNA Vaccine, so there can be no shedding, whereas Johnson and Johnson’s and AstraZeneca are made of live Adenovirus, but since they can not replicate hence there can be no shedding.

It is also clear that vaccines do not cause irregular periods or affect women’s reproductive systems. Vaccines are the safest way to get out through this deadly pandemic.

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