Australia extends aid for Vanuatu’s cyclone victim

The reaction of the Vanuatuan Government to Tropical Cyclones Judy and Kevin will be supported by an additional $4.35 million from the Australian Government.

This includes $3.5 million provided by the Australian Humanitarian Partnership and Australian Red Cross to partners in Vanuatu. As well as providing necessary goods and services for the impacted towns, this will support those who are now housed in evacuation centres.

To assist Government of Vanuatu in managing more assessments, responses, and immediate recovery plans, the Australian Government will also offer additional logistics expertise.

To assist the Vanuatu government’s reaction, HMAS Canberra has arrived in Port Vila, with over 600 Australian Defense Troops, Chinook helicopters, medical facilities, and humanitarian supplies.

Already present in Vanuatu to assist with aerial surveillance and evaluations are two Royal Australian Air Force aircraft.

Australia’s response is being carried out in close cooperation with the National Disaster Management Office of the Government of Vanuatu, ensuring that Australian assistance and supplies are provided where they are most needed.

“This announcement and deployment build on Australia’s historic disaster preparedness and humanitarian assistance actions in Vanuatu and across the region,” said Senator the Hon. Penny Wong, Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Australia will cooperate with the Pacific family in times of need.

Pat Conroy MP, Minister for International Development as well as the Pacific, said: “As the devastation caused by the cyclones becomes evident, our sympathies are with the people of Vanuatu.”

“This increased aid will reach those in Vanuatu who need it most by closely cooperating with Government of Vanuatu & delivering support through renowned agencies on the ground.”

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