Australia will leverage resources to ensure prosperity of Indo-Pacific: PM

The leaders of Australia, as well as India, Japan, and the US met to reaffirm their unwavering commitment to working with the Quad to maintain a free, open, and resilient Indo-Pacific region.

Our goal is to create a region that respects sovereignty and is peaceful, prosperous, stable, secure, free from force and intimidation, and where conflicts are resolved in line with international law. We aspire to a region where all nations and peoples are free to collaborate and trade according to the principles of equality, collaboration, and respect for one another. We both believe that communicating openly, honestly, and constructively leads to more opportunities, a more vibrant economy, and a better understanding of our everyday concerns.

We are committed of using our resources and sharing our knowledge to contribute positively and permanently to the resilience and prosperity of the Indo-Pacific at a time of profound change, challenge, and opportunity in our region.

We work to ensure that the principles that have supported peace and stability and stimulated decades of growth and prosperity will continue to apply for decades to come by collaborating with nations throughout the region and being guided by their priorities. These principles include sovereignty and territorial integrity.

We’ll work together as a force for good to identify solutions that benefit the entire region.

Recently, in reaction to the devastation brought on by the COVID-19 epidemic, we banded together to increase the manufacturing and equitable distribution of safe, cost-effective vaccines.

We are called to act with renewed purpose in light of the significant difficulties the Indo-Pacific faces regarding health security, quickly advancing technology, the severe threat posed by climate change, and regional strategic issues.

As we face challenges that lie ahead, we look to the future and make the following commitments:

We are firmly dedicated to giving long-lasting benefits to the Indo-Pacific by offering solutions that foster resilience, transparent communication, and economic progress.

We will strengthen and reform the multilateral system to ensure that all countries, big and small, continue to have a voice to maintain and improve stability in the Indo-Pacific region where competition is managed responsibly, by international law, including the United Nations Charter. We work to safeguard the legal framework that governs international relations.

We recognize and value the significance, autonomy, and leadership of regional organizations like ASEAN, the Pacific Islands Forum, and the Indian Ocean Rim Association, and we will cooperate with them to further our common goals.

By advancing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its Sustainable Development Goals, we will work transparently and in open dialogue to implement a practical agenda that delivers sustained economic and social value, is responsive to regional partners, and contributes to global priorities, noting the transformational power of technology to help meet these goals.

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